SO, haven't been on here for a while but thought I share a quick trip I went on. Had to head down to San Diego on Sunday to pick up BFT that I had processed from my 1 1/2 day trip that got back Thursday. Got a 35 and 60lber...sorry, no picts of that. Made a surf-road trip out of it and headed to a beach down south that's usually out of reach for me on a normal morning session. Lost one early to a pulled hook that I got a look at before he won his freedom and got one right at the end. Looked to be about 22". Good fight with a couple good drag burns when I hooked up. Wanted to release him but the hooks slit his throat so I had to keep him. Funny...I was going down there cuz I didn't want to clean fish and here I am with a fish to clean once I got home. Tasted a bit like WSB with a bit more small bones to deal with.

Tight lines and stay safe!!!