so the bait and wait is fire here. i been fishing for like 2 weeks straight daily since the lake is so close. i have a ton of footage mostly bait and wait catches but i am getting topwaters also. sadly mostly small fish overall. the banks are so shallow here its crazy. i think im mainly fishing in about 10-15 foot of water if that. i have so much footage and im trying to keep this comp clean of my vids since its not mine so ill be trying to post a lot of it fast. not sure if i should post here all the time though. so if you guys have youtube or dont. just subscribe to me there to follow my fishing. since im not sure if ill be posting every vid here. i like it here compared to castaic since catching fish is a lot easier. though i think i had castaic kind of dialed in so i could usually catch some decent sized largies. here i still need to learn a lot. though ive caught a lot of species already and the bait and wait is just fire. not sure if its the season or if its always this good. anyways here the past 2 vids i put on youtube. later.