well since my comp broke and i got locked out of all my emails and youtube since trying to log on new computer they want to send codes to verify the accounts but how can i do that when i cant even log in to any with account and passwords.. the safety measures they have enacted are such a damn joke.. so i had to make new email and youtube. since i dont want to try to contact them and take hours to resolve their bs safety **** that is broken in my opinion. not that my y outube was big or making me money it just sucks to have to do it kind of. but ya ill be posting ky fishing for now on. this lake is shallow from the banks something that will take me some time to adjust to. since i was mainly fishing ledges and bluffs at castaic as much as i could or real points. this lake at least near me seems like it doesnt even have any real points either. complete opposite of castaic kind of. but similar with not a lot of weeds or trees in the lake but the water is also low here now too but only like 4-6 feet i think and not sure if the lake even gets up into the trees and bushes here unless it floods. but its also a dam and its constantly getting water in and they are letting water out similar to castaic. but anyways i have gotten some largies and smallies here not put in this vid but they have been mainly smalls. but they were on top waters lol. sadly i have missed my better bites. but i have been taking two other poles to bait and wait while im going up and down the shore looking for the bigger largies and smallies. might take me some time to learn how to find the bigger ones but the bait and wait here is fire. you cant cast a nightcrawler in without it being hit constantly. i cant find any small circle hooks locally so have them on order. i only had a few size 4 and size 2 circle hooks so im getting a lot of bites but the littler fish im catching arent that bad. well here the vid talk to you later.