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Thread: Spooling a Level Wind Reel!

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    Default Spooling a Level Wind Reel!

    How To Properly Apply Line to a Level Wind Conventional Reel!

    I used my Fishon Spooler as a tensioner to apply constant pressure to the monofilament line spool. You don't have to do that. Having a second person helping you would help. Put a dowel through the spool & have that person slow the spools rpm's by either palming it or just use a glove. If you don't have a dowel a piece of rope will suffice.

    I always place a piece of electrical tape on the spool. Then i loop the line around the tape 3x before i use a uni knot to really cinch it down. Spooling monofilament on a level wind is different from a regular conventional, baitcaster or spinner. This type of reel is good for trolling to bottom jigging. I wouldn't recommend it for shore casting due to the extra friction created by the bar.
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    There is few important steps that you can follow to spool your level wind conventional reel. 1. If you’re using loading mono then tie an arbor knot or equivalent to your spool and snip the tag end leaving around an inch. 2. Take your spool and drop it in the bucket of water. 3. Hold your gloved hand along the rod, making sure your thumb and index finger are pinching the line snugly. 4. Put tension on the line as you reel using your other hand. Make sure you move your hand applying pressure from side to side to lay the line down evenly.
    Here is you can read the detailed guide

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