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Thread: Afghanistan

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    first you'll see a civil religious war Sunni's the majority settling old scores with the Shia's mostly hazari's and pagan nuristans then the tribes will go for power conciliation

    politics at it's best over 10,000 cups of tea

    the taliban are a homogenous group

    and iran is 90% shiites

    and pakastan is 90 % sunni's

    location is everything when your 100% dependent on foreign aid

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    Keep hoping retard. You are out of touch. Wake up fool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Natural Lefty View Post
    And Trump negotiated with terrorists, the Taliban, which Republicans are not supposed to do, and gave them legitimacy. In fact, he negotiated with them instead of the Afghan government, which was supposed to be the legal government of that nation. Biden is simply carrying through with Trump's withdrawal plan, so how is it now such a horrible thing? They handed power off to the Taliban, and now they are suddenly worried about the rights of women in Afghanistan. Republicans don't know how to spin this. There really isn't any way to make the Democrats look bad without making themselves look bad too.

    The Taliban claim that they will not violate women's rights, but they are not very credible given their track record. Hopefully, they will have some kind of "revelation from God," and decide to treat women with respect and give them far more rights than in the past.
    Keep hoping fool

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    only a fool would have expected any other outcome when we followed the russians as occupiers 20 years ago
    the russians dealing with the afghanies makes our war effort look pale ,they had no human right or public opinions to worry about
    what happened they got their ***'s kicked

    you babble without saying anything
    not much of a strong reflection on you sport or your ability to view history

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    the social standards in afghanistan are the same or better today than they where 50 years ago

    all the terrible things the taliban are getting heat for are embedded in afghan or if you want insert the name of a dozen other islamic nations

    you know beheadings
    amputations ,branding ,hangings

    nothing new

    chucky you ever see anyone stoned to death or drawn and quartered
    great social media and public entertainment for one or maybe the most corrupt area in the world

    50 years ago just another day in the life

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    Quote Originally Posted by CHUCKY View Post
    Keep hoping retard. You are out of touch. Wake up fool.
    the war of retribution has started chucky
    last week a 100 or so talibaner's tried to enter the panjshir's

    ahmad assoud sent them to chase virgins

    he has about a 6,000 man militia loyal to him
    they control the panjshir valley, you know the place where the russians got 86's
    his dad did that with U.S backing

    not the tailban

    they are well trained and well armed

    and our best buddy's the persians are their sponsors

    religious war ,ethnic cleansing part 1

    suni's vs. the taliban shites

    atrocity's deluxe will make great theater for the media
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    I find it cute that ya'll are trying to teach Chucky Geopolitics while he's doing this:

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    LOL Dark Shadow, we are just silly guys who think we can perform miracles. ;)

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    It has been going on for who knows how long.. It just never ends. New story.. I dunno..

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    Quote Originally Posted by CHUCKY View Post
    Precious metals mainly lithium. That’s why we were there. Even before 9/11. We gave them the weapons to fight and they failed. They are on there own now. China will move in now.
    wrong choice chuckies
    Chinese will just be used and then dumped
    muslims see how the chinese will treat them
    reflected by current policy
    less chance than of you being right for once

    the pakis a very slight chance as much as the prop up the taliban

    it's always with their heel on it's throat

    the persians no chance at all

    so the only real choice is with vlad

    proximity an infrastructure

    for about a milinium the russians and the northern tribes have been cutting deals only to break them and go on to cut each others throats
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