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Thread: Broke The Skunk

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    Default Broke The Skunk

    Got to my spot at 6 am as the tide was dropping. I always fish low tide because of easy access to spots and this beach is no different. Start off with with jerkbaits then switch to pink four inch swimbait and nothing. It was not until 8:30 that I caught my one fish on the dropshot and new rod. 17 inch spotted, my second one ever in about 10 years of fishing, needless to say I was stoked. Mean little suckere, fought the whole way through and flopped on sand angrily. I guess I would to if I had a hook in my mouth, lol. Great color too, extra spotty. This was my first fish in about 4 sessions so I was stoked to say the least. Thanked God for my catch and threw him back before casting a few more times in hopes of a butt. No such luck but a great morning none the less. Unfortunately I am the type of person to leave my bag/belongings on the sand or rocks and walk away to fish a different spot nearby, so no phone no pic. Not the best practice I know but I am a creature of habit. Luckily nobody took my gear!!! Called it a day after that and went to the Kicker Fishing(lure company) factory sale in Santa Ana and stocked up on their PK swimbaits in pink and a few natural colors. Also got a few surface irons I want to try in the surf and a casting rod they had on sale. Overall great morning. Thanks for the read and good luck out there.

    Planning a trip out to SD soon to try my luck at catching corVinas in the bays or surf, will report on that and hopefully have a few pics to share in the coming weeks.

    Also, if you find some pink swimbaits I recommend you buy them and try them around rocky structure/kelp for Calico's. I have had the good fortune of catching Calis from the shore, to the point that I could cast a hook into a tree and catch one while not being able to catch any other prized surf fish, and pink is my go to choice.

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    Good job beating the skunk.

    PM me for a couple of spots to fish in SD.


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    Thanks Robert, will do.

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