well summer is here and i am sure we all have our keep cool recipes

poisson cru is just basically ceviche with coconut cream [not milk] added to it

raw fish of your choice tuna , halibut etc ,shrimp or scallops
whatever you like or combo
i recommend sierra

chop your fish fairly fine but you don't want mush

squeeze enough lime juice [key limes work best] to cover the fish

finely chop some onions ,tomatoes [ more or less equal amounts] ,cilantro ,chilies to taste
a little salt and a smidge of sugar

sometimes i add fresh corn or papaya what ever you like

cucumbers work ok


nothing written in stone here
in tahiti they throw in whatever is happening at the time

add about 1 cup of coco cream again per 2 lb's of fish more fish more cream

let it set and chill for a couple of hours at least

always taste better when eaten on the sand