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Thread: 22 July Offshore paddy hopping

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    Default 22 July Offshore paddy hopping

    So I moved back to the mainland of good ole USA. Moving from Hawaii, my home for the better part of a decade, to Texas is quite the change. Luckily I was able to get a few weeks of vacation in between the big move to big Tejas.

    Naturally, I hit up my long time fishing buddies and Jeff, Jaime, and Ryan are all down to go.

    Unfortunately the big blue fin tuna bite that I have been drooling over had scattered. Our plan for the day was to go offshore to Mexico and do the troll/paddy hop thing and hope for the best.

    We launch off shelter island at 0400. Pick up 3 scoops of crappy dines and head down south.

    Sun rise and we are offshore and on the look.

    I'm on the bow look out, scanning the horizon for any signs of life

    "10 oclock BIG PADDY" I yell to the crew.

    Jeff pulls us up nice and close to the paddy, Jaime brails some chum overboard.

    BOIL BOIL BOIL!! Get the baits out!

    Our dines hit the water. My reel is in free spool, 1/2 dead dine is barely pulling any line out. Then... TAP... TAP.... line starts ripping out of the reel. I set the lever drag. WIND WIND WIND... tension, and SWINGGG.

    Its the first hook up of the day so I don't want to jinx it.

    Jaime - "are you on?"

    Me- "nope. its just my bait"

    Jaime- "oh okay.... are you sure? It looks like its really pulling"

    Me- "lively bait"

    Jaime- "oh"

    zzZZZZZZZZ and the line starts ripping out and heading to the bow of the boat. I go over/under through the walk around and fight the fish at the bow rails.

    Jaime - "are you sure thats the bait? No dude.. you're on!"

    Shortly after, Jeff and Ryan both get picked up and they swing for a triple hook up! Jaime is sitting sadly in the corner... "I want a fish too..."

    He jumps up, "im picked up im pick up!!" swings for home and FISH ONNN. QUADDDD!!!

    I'm now fighting my fish on the port side and the other three are on starboard side. I look over and they are in a soup sandwich three way tangle. I'm so glad I'm fishing port side.

    3 or 4 nice runs and I finally bring the fish up.

    "COLOR!" I yell as I see a nicer grade yellowtail coming up

    "you're on your own!" They yell back as they're fighting their fish through their tangle.

    I bring the fish boat side and stick the gaff down on the first yellowtail of the day and the first for the kolo! I dare not cheer as three more are hanging and in perilous circumstances.

    The team hand lines one of the yellows boat side, I stick the 2nd yellow with the gaff. We cut the line and untangle the two remaining lines and fish number 3 and 4 hit the deck!

    Cheers hoots and hollers all around! First paddy and 4 quality yellows on deck!!

    We make a second pass on the paddy but no one else home.

    Back on the look out. Troll troll troll as I scan the horizon.

    "PADDY 2 oclock!!! Get the troll lines in!"

    We pull up to the paddy, brail some chum and BOIL BOIL BOIL

    We pick up 5 more quality yellows off this paddy with a couple losses.

    Only 9 AM and already 9 yellows, all over fifteen pounds on the deck. Hopes are high and we go looking.

    Well the rest of the day was empty paddies and nothing on the troll. We make it to US waters, call it a day. Clean the fish and drink some coors lights over another victorious and great fishing trip with an even better crew.

    Til next game!

    pics to follow!

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    Click image for larger version. 

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Name:	PXL_20210722_110425454.jpg 
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    Hey Eric,
    Good to see you guys get on some decent size YT.
    I'll take them all day long.

    Thanks for the report,

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    Awesome trip ,
    Erick you’re a machine I’ve never seen anybody stay on the bow for so long
    , can’t wait to see you back in California, so we can go kill some tuna

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    Nice grade of tails!

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    Nice job guys!

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    thx for sharing.....

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    Why do I ever believe Erick ? “No I’m not bit it’s my bait “ liar

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    Way to go!

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