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Thread: Are you man enough to climb the Rocky Mountains?

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    Default Are you man enough to climb the Rocky Mountains?

    Most of you know by now, how much I enjoy writing up my fish reports! (it's been a very good year for me) I not only get to tell what I caught, but I like to tell an entertaining story along the way. I throw in hidden jokes, Easter eggs and my own sense of humor. Speaking of my own sense of humor, you do know, "I love using famous movie quotes in my story's!" So today, I'm going to "MAKE SOMEONES DAY!" Lol After seemingly a long hiatus in the work place, do to the pandemic. I started working for a new company as a Real Estate agent. Since the pandemic forced just about everybody to change their business model. I'm still bringing back some of my old good ideas. One of them is the $25 dollar gift card to peoples favorite Restaurant or Store. So as a Bonus to my loyal fish report readers, "I'm offering a $25 gift card" to the first person who guessed what movie or TV series I stole the title of this thread from! Please don't pm with your guess, put it in the reply to this thread. Sorry only 1 winner, but the first person who figures it out and post it, is the winner!

    I used the title for this thread because fishing Irvine Lake now a days is not for the faint of heart! You need to walk close to a mile carrying or pulling all of your fishing gear. For what I've been told, "the lake will never offer rides again to any body for any reasons!" (to much liability!) Couple that with the excessive heat and you've got a major mission if you go to Irvine Lake. With all that being said, "their is some pretty darn good fishing going on right now at the lake!" The number 1 fish being caught now is LMB. Yes the Boat Dock is still biting and you need to be Lance Armstrong with a bike to get one of the coveted spots. But their kinda biting all over! Their even catching some on bait intended for a catfish or bluegill! To illustrate my point, "I saw a skilled Bass angler mix it up in the same spot" and catch 10 Bass before noon.

    Well every one who knows me knows, I'm fishing for Trophy Catfish and hoping this year for a Monster Catfish over 50 pounds! (I think with the low water, I've got a decent chance at an Monster Catfish) What I've found this year, their is Trophy size Catfish all over the place! I went fishing both Saturday and Sunday and caught a Trophy size Catfish both day's in 2 different spots! The first fish I caught on Saturday was an easy 15 pounder on the West shore. On Sunday I went some where totally different and caught an even bigger Catfish, along with a small 3 pounder! So that's 5 Trophy Catfish for me, in a little over a month, in 5 different spots! I've got my work cut out for me, but "if I'm willing to climb the Rocky Mountains at Irvine Lake" I will be rewarded! Lol
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