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Thread: Fire on the Fly: Serene Lake Loop Achievement Unlocked 6-30-21 (video report)

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    Default Fire on the Fly: Serene Lake Loop Achievement Unlocked 6-30-21 (video report)

    I heard a bone snap
    When I was only about nine
    The laws of gravitation
    Were in abeyance a while
    But not long
    Before they taught me a lesson
    In Tuffskin jeans like a Japanese Hessian
    I was 70 pounds, learning to fly
    I knew I couldn't do it if I didn't try
    We called it the "field" where we used to hang out
    A field of alfalfa behind the back of our house
    With a slice of an old oak tree
    And a 12 ft. plank
    Put the board on top
    We got flying machine
    Oh my god we could teeter on this
    Or make lever that could shoot me into orbital space
    I'd seen the circus
    And i saw how they do it
    With bent knees
    You got to jump like you would from a trampoline.
    Strange phenomenon
    Strange phenomenon
    We got out the ladder
    And the heaviest kid
    He would climb up top
    And count down like
    A rocket ship
    To fire me up
    He'd get to t-minus zero
    Before he'd jump
    And i was shot high in a vertical catapult
    Straight up and down
    I remember the view from over top of the house
    Gravity seems weak until you look down
    I got in position
    I had impeccable form
    If the judges were present
    They'd be holding up score cards
    With 9's and 10's
    Unless I lose a couple points
    For the landing I did
    I heard a loud snap but it didn't hurt
    I looked at the neighbourhood
    It looked like earth
    But everybody's acting weird are they out of meds?
    Eating a peanut butter sandwich in a hospital bed
    I started noticing
    Strange phenomenon
    Strange phenomenon
    Is this planet the same one that I been on?
    Everybody's bizarre and irrational
    Even nurses on the clock seem a bit off
    Strange phenomenon
    Everybody's deranged and I wonder what
    Happened the day that I fell from the sky
    If nobody changed
    Then it must've been my mind.

    The Faint "Fulcrum and Lever"

    Oh... You came for a fishing report? Not a comparison to TJ's OBE. OK! OK...
    How fast can you hike 3.5mi through the woods with 1000 mosquitos chasing you? Then 3.5mi back.. loaded with gear.. After catching 15 brookies an hour on the fly?
    (You might have to wait for Youtube to finish processing the HD version to find out without having to watch a pixelated mess of a video, check back later)

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    Donít drink the coolaid


    I’ll be back soon to hit the rest of the 20 lakes in the area.
    A fool could survive back there, in such a place. without much effort.
    There were four in particular that I’ll be headed back to next time. These four were all closer to the trailhead than Serene was. I decided to do the furthest lake first, so that subsequent trips would be easier.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    when you all finally decide to go crazy and force vaccinations on people, you’re going to have to come dig me out of the woods. I have about 9,000,000 places I can go. Lol. You bet your butt I’m going to make it difficult for you.

    i don’t need a car or a supermarket or a gas pump. I have a bicycle, a fishing rod and a larger brain than you might think. I can make fishing line from hair and I’ve already tied some Sasquatch flies before...

    the mosquitos in the area will act as my guards. Hahaha.
    I don’t need and don’t carry firearms. Come get me.

    i also don’t have friends or family as weaknesses to be used as a massive guilt trip against me.
    I have no reason to want or take your vaccine and you have no leverage against me to make me take it.
    Seems like we never won the battle against alqaida and isis even with f15’s and Nukes. For reasons just like this.

    You can not force everyone on the planet to do what you want even with F15’s and Nukes.
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    good to see your battle still rages
    and with no-one else to listen to you
    you can still entertain yourself

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