Long time no post! Been doing a lot of fishing in the new boat lately, just not a lot of catching! A few rockfish here and there, some barely legal halibut, small bonito and barracuda, short calico bass, a few mystery fish lost.... Nothing really to write home about. Well all of that changed last Friday and the stars finally aligned! We started out Thursday night launching from Dana Landing in San Diego. Got a couple scoops of nice sardines from EB and pointed the boat towards the 371 bank, some 35 miles southwest. Arrived around 2:30AM to a fleet of boats drifting the area. We found some good marks and did the same. I set up a sardine on a sinker rig while others tried glow in the dark jigs. Around 3:15 exhaustion catches up with me and I go lie down for a while. Must have been no more that 15 minutes and I hear the clicker on my old International 30 screaming! Frank grabs the rod and puts the wood to the fish. Minutes later a nice 60 pounder hits the deck! We are all awake and fired up now, but next bite doesn't come until around 6am when Jaime's sinker rig on #60 test goes bendo! Took a little while longer to land on lighter gear but Jaime wins the battle and our second 60-pound class tuna hits the deck! More waiting, changing baits, bullshitting... Next bite around 9:30 and it's mine, flylining 50# test. Minutes later Frank sticks the gaff to a 30 pounder. We get one more bite around 11ish, Franks rod on the sinker rig. It's another 50-60 pounder and Frank makes fairly quick work on him with 60 pound test. No more bites after that! We tried the kite / flyer combo for a little while and then head in around 2pm, cleaning fish and boat on the way. Jaime. Frank, Robert - good fishing with you guys, it was awesome finally putting some decent fish on the new boat!