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Thread: Wilson, Serene, Timothy, Deschutes, Metolius, Mt Hood, Cove Palisades, NEW SPECIES

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    This list only goes to 2016 so it is incomplete.

    "A Sizeable List Of Alex Jones Failed Predictions

    9/11-scale terror attacks in 2010.
    50% of the U.S. population will be killed in a bio-weapons attack in 2009.
    16-year-old soldiers will enforce nationwide martial law by 2012.
    A major terror attack will occur in the U.S. by the end of summer 2009 (oh, and it’s a false flag).
    The U.S. will go to war with Russia in 2009.
    Texas stores are being looted, and National Guard troops are moving into Austin right this minute (December 31, 1999).
    The UN will announce the presence of ET intelligence during 2009 to stage an NWOtakeover.
    The U.S. dollar will be devalued by 50% by 2012.
    World wide shortage of rare earth metals
    Didn’t happen Food supply disruptions hit western nations
    Didn’t happen Deadly superbug mutation goes wild
    Didn’t happen New evidence links vaccines and neurological disorders
    The opposite happened U.S. power grid suffers catastrophic failure Didn’t happen Satellite breakdown
    Didn’t happen GM crop contamination leads to crisis
    Didn’t happen Honeybee population collapse spreads to other species Didn’t happen Weather patterns become increasingly radicalized Debatable Nuclear power sees global resurgence
    The Fukushima incident discredited this Nuclear weapon unleashed in the Middle East
    Didn’t happen New exotic superfood from South America emerges in western markets
    Didn’t happen A high-tech, portable vitamin D sensor device is invented
    Didn’t happen U.S. debt gets downgraded while world investors slash purchases of U.S. debt instruments
    The debt was downgraded, but investors still flock to it U.S. nearly comes to military conflict with China over natural resources
    Didn’t happen Huge new scandal implicates major drug company in scientific fraud
    Nothing out of the ordinary here China unleashes armies of corporate espionage hackers onto western nations
    Some debate on this is ongoing Medical imaging scandal unfolds as older patients begin to show serious health damage from radiation via mammograms, CT scans and more
    Didn’t happen Another 9/11 false flag incident – Didn’t happen The world won’t end on December 21, 2012
    Hey, a stopped clock is right twice a day! EPA pressured to regulate drug in the water supply
    Can’t even contemplate this one without the brain hurting Nursing home drugging scandal exposed
    Didn’t happen The psychiatric industry will declare more typical behaviors to be “disorders”
    Didn’t happen Vaccine industry goes crazy with new vaccines for all sorts of “diseases”
    Didn’t happen War on health freedom ramps up, targeting raw milk, homeopathy, herbs, and supplements
    Didn’t happen The world becomes a far more dangerous place for honest citizens
    So open-ended you cannot even evaluate New attempts are made to destroy internet freedom
    SOPA and PIPA have been discussed for awhile, so not a real argument China’s boom will bust, sending ripples through global economy
    Didn’t happen Central and South America will drop the U.S. dollar as a currency
    Didn’t happen Local currencies emerge following the collapse of the dollar
    As the dollar didn’t collapse, this didn’t happen TSA suspends full body scanners after celeb photo scandal
    No, was suspended due to dangerous exposure to radiation Cell phone brain tumors start to appear in younger users
    Didn’t happen Medical industry claims to find cause of autism
    Didn’t happen, although some hope has been raised Terrorist strike on the U.S. water supply
    Didn’t happen Sperm count drops, infertility rates rise
    Fertility is increasing, not decreasing, across the United States “Stealth personal recorders” go mainstream
    We call them Cell Phones, although Alex Jones is quick to claim that they cause cancer

    And Finally Banks run in 2009 DIDN’T HAPPEN"

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    Quote Originally Posted by tacklejunkie View Post
    My dogs’ vaccination status is none of crackheadshadows’ business.
    It's a sticky situation you're in.

    If you say you're dog is vaccinated, that'd be kinda funny, and hypocritical, considering how anti vaxx you are. Thus I would've thought you would've embraced that same mentality when it comes to the health of your pet. Bordetella? No such thing. Distemper? Government created. Rabies? Fake news. Parvo? Poppycock!

    And if you say you're dog ISN'T vaccinated, then you just look like a horrible owner.

    Damned if you do, damned if you don't!

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    Don’t drink the coolaid


    Not single braincell between the whole lot of you.
    not worth my time. $1000/hr and maybe I’ll think about it.

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    Don’t drink the coolaid


    You don’t have a single thing against me. Keep trying lameshadow.
    Can’t touch this.

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    Don’t drink the coolaid


    Too pathetic to even defend yourself anymore Bahahaha. Old man

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    I think it takes quite a few brain cells, actually, to debunk the various false claims of Alex Jones. It it typical of conspiracy theorists' strategy to try to wear people out with endless, false blather with a few grains of truth thrown in. Trump definitely wears people out with his endless tirades. Speaking of Trump, Biden said something during a debate to the effect of "Will this clown ever shut up?" Apparently not as long as he is still alive. I guess the same applies to the likes of Alex Jones.

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    Natural Lefty,

    I just asked a simple question.

    Talk about someone getting 'triggered.'

    Alex Jones would be left shaking his head knowing one of his followers has been taken to their knees simply because someone asked if their dog has been vaxxed.

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