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Thread: conspiracy's

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    Quote Originally Posted by Natural Lefty View Post
    I had the same reaction, Dark Shadow, but at least Kay-B said that she doesn't believe in secret conspiracies against the population, and she realizes that many people can be stupid enough to ruin their own lives without secret societies of billionaires, mad scientists, evil geniuses, or shape shifting space lizards plotting against them.
    You forgot to mention Xenu.

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    OK OK, let's steer this thread back to conspiracies.

    And we all know conspiracies are just truths that the gub'ment ain't telling us folk about!

    So, back to Alex Jones and how astute his theories are. Aside from Sandy Hook being a 'false flag,' and the ole pizzeria there are more!

    • The government has ‘weather weapons’ (Chem trail folks, where you at!!? You know you're out there.)

    • Chemicals in the water are turning frogs gay (Cuz you know, Pride Month and all.)

    • Robert Mueller is a demon, and also a pedophile ( know, Alex Jones)

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    There is a lot more that I could have included, Panshot. ;) Apparently, Xenu is a big deal in scientology, but I think I heard of Xenu as a joke about robotic pigeons from Xenu spying on people.

    Chemtrails is a good one, too, DS. I know some people who, every time they see a cloud, they think it's a chemtrail put there by the gubmint to poison us.
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    Trump can't put his pants on right.

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    they are on right

    your just looking from the left
    and not up on men's fashion

    but neither is donny

    look's like he's in a canvas raincoat

    not like a real gangster

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Quote Originally Posted by capoisok View Post
    they are on right.
    How does he pee? Where's the fly?

    Are those the new Depends trousers?

    So many questions.

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    sadly there is an answer
    Actually, Trump Was NOT Wearing His Pants Backward At A Weekend Rally
    June 7, 20219:00 AM ET

    i trust npr
    it's not fair and balanced lies

    but this is pure art bell
    steaming the wrinkles out

    the thing i am most curios about and what i really want to know is what type of material donny's suite is made of
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    So Trump wasn't actually wearing his pants backwards.

    And while we can all rest a little easier knowing that Ivanka dressed him properly, doesn't that actually make the situation worse? I mean look at those things!

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    Rep. Louis Gohmert (R-TX) wonders if there is any way the National Forest Service or Bureau of Land Management can change the rotation of the moon and sun rather than enact reasonable climate change measures.

    Those deepfake videos are getting really good! That REALLY looks like Louis Gohmert, and it REALLY looks like he's
    asking the forest service to change the orbit of the moon.

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    Well, yeah. Duh! The space Jews in collaboration with the Chinese government have been altering the orbits of the moon and the earth. That, along with chemtrails, are the real causes of climate change. Of course, they are simply obeying their shape shifting space lizard masters. LOL
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