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Thread: The secret Crappie lake bit!!!!

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    Default The secret Crappie lake bit!!!!

    If people haven't figured out yet, "I like writing fish reports" and adding my own sense of humor to them! I also don't really believe you can truly burn a lake by Internet reports. (they don't get enough views to hurt a lake) Lakes do get crowded when the bite is on!!!! However, a truly good fishermen doesn't wait to read something on the Internet and suddenly get the urge to go fish that lake. They know by past experience when certain fish bite at the lakes of their choice. Or by their network of friends, maybe even a current U tube video or last but not least, pick up a copy of W.O.N. The absolute worst source of information comes from the Internet. I do read Internet reports and gain almost nothing from them, but see a picture of what a Bass, trout or Crappie look like. (most people won't even post a catfish picture) To illustrate my point, let me give an example of what a typical Crappie report looks like on the Internet. I went Crappie fishing somewhere (lake not disclosed and might not even have been recent) and caught Crappie and here is a picture! (THE END) Then the OP expects a response like they wrote a Pulitzer prize winning articule! Lol Another long time personality on here awhile back said, "this website is dying." I thought it slowed down quite a bit, but I didn't think it was dying. I was wrong, it is grasping for air! Let's see if ole etucker can do some CPR on the place! The best thing I can do, is to write some things that are worthy of reading! Or my old favorite is to say some political things that will surely get a rise in some people! "OH NO, NOT THAT!" I'll stop that, when others start writing anything else up! Lol

    That's enough of my rant let's talk about fishing!

    More specifically Crappie fishing for now. Any good Crappie fishermen already knows what I'm about to say, but to newer people, you might actual learn something new. Crappie now a day's are a witch to catch. (very few lakes have big numbers of them any more) So the few lakes that do, are the Holy ground for Crappie. Here are the few lakes that still have a large population of Crappie. (the spring time is the easiest time to catch them) Their also in sync with the Large Mouth Bass. When the Bass are biting, so are the Crappies. Here is the best 4 lakes to catch Crappies at. Cachuma, Hodges, Irvine and Isabella. Honorable mention, Silverwood, Wohlford, Pudingstone and the secret lake we went to yesterday, "HENSHAW!" Some of you people must be saying, "everybody knows Henshaw is a good Crappie lake." It use to be, but it has hit hard times recently! It hit such hard times, nobody reported the "wide open Crappie fishing they had last week there!" Look it up, you couldn't find any mention of it at all. I know the paranoids are thinking "You just burned the lake!" No I didn't, it's already burned! Word got out in a certain community about the Crappie bite and it was packed in the parking lot when we got there!

    We wanted to rent a boat, but with only 6 available we didn't like our chances! Thank God, it's probably an easier shore bite then a boat bite! So we did get a boat! The bite had been good from the fishing dock all the way to the Dam. These things are in super shallow water! (2-3 feet) So it's easier to catch them close to shore in a Rocky area. Since we were in a boat, we had to fish the sunken trees in shallow water. We were fishing Minnows under a bobber with a 2 foot leader. Our buddy got 12 Crappies last week in trees by the Dam. But this week it was much slower then last week, so those trees got us only 2 Crappies. The Ironic part was, 4 young men and an old dude fished from shore right behind us and killed them good there. (they were fishing a Rocky area) So this is what I do best, "go find some virgin territory!" We found a group of trees that was holding Crappie and Bass! We ended up hooking 15 Crappies and 5 Bass there and missed another dozen bites. A lot of fun, but a lot of retying hooks after we snagged something! I was definitely the weak link in the chain today, as my partner caught most of the fish! The size of the Crappies was pretty good too, as most of them were over a pound! (A lot of really dark black ones too!) I not sure if we will go back, because our local lake is still producing Crappies. As I said last year, "2021 is going to be a Crappie year!"

    p.s. Their was 1 $50,000 Bass boat on the lake fishing for Bass. They caught besides the smaller Bass we caught, an 4 & 8 pound LMB, so lake Henshaw still has some more life left in her!
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