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Thread: Crappie are mostly still in pre spawn at Lake Isabella

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    Default Crappie are mostly still in pre spawn at Lake Isabella

    Since hardly any body wants to write up many fish reports any more. (I might as well write up my less then stellar fishing trips!) This trip happened on Easter weekend and I got to fish on Dan is the Man new to him colorful pontoon boat. What it lacks in beauty, more then makes up for in comfort and speed! It's 28 feet long with an open bow and an 115 horse power motor. It fished 5 people and 2 dogs in total comfort. Dan is the Man has property up in Lake Isabella, so you might start to see a few more reports from me from Izzy.

    Dan had taken out the SS Minnow the weekend before and found the Crappies in 4-10 feet of water scattered among the brush. He fished with jigs the first day and couldn't catch squat. So on the 2nd day he bought some minnows and scored a half dozen nice big pre spawn fish. That was enough to get my attention and give the lake a look over. (it's down to 17% water capacity) We had 3 other people on the boat that will remain anonymous to protect their family's reputation! One guy got only 1 bite all day and the other 2 people found every way their is to either miss a bite or lose every fish they hooked! I kept telling Dan, "I don't really know these people" I found them on the road with a sign. Please take us fishing! It's our last wish before we die! Karma did get even with me though. Let me tell you an improbable story that humble me slightly. After landing 3 or 4 really nice size Crappie. I hooked one that wrapped around a stick. In putting maximum pressure to get the Crappie out of the bush, it eventually did work and then the Crappie was free. Then the hook came out of the Crappies mouth and came flying back to the boat. It hooked the guy who only had 1 bite all day right in the bottom ear lobe! (it went all the way through the ear) Fortunately Dan is the right guy to pull the hook out without flinching! (he's my hunting partner, so I know he's not squeamish) He got it out alright and the guy never mentioned it again, so he couldn't have been hurting him too badly! Dan didn't get too many bites but landed everything he hooked. (he was using my rods which are all top notch)

    We got bit on ever drift by a Crappie or two, but when you got Sleprock 1 2 and 3 with you, it's hard to make a decent catch! We did look over the area that was reporting a week or two earlier a wide open Catfish bite. That bite had dried up! I didn't see one serious person trying to catch a Catfish there, so they must have swam away! I'm getting ready right now, for an under the Radar Crappie bite that is rumored to be happening. I'll let you know if their is any truth to that rumor! Lol
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