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Thread: 4 for 4 on Full Boat Limits of nice trout at Lake Wohlford!

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    Default 4 for 4 on Full Boat Limits of nice trout at Lake Wohlford!

    I see the viewership on my reports is way down compared to years past. So with that being said, "I'm going to give you the Full Monty" on how to catch these things. As usual the attendance on a stock week is way up, so if you want to go be there early. On this adventure I had Trixi and Racer X with me. We rented a boat and headed East to our old stomping grounds. Not too many boats were down there this time, so maybe the water is getting too warm down there in the shallows for trout. (it's only 6 feet deep down there) After trying down there for a couple of hours and not getting a single bite I feared the worst! What is the worst? The fish headed to the deep water in the West end and good luck in catching them there. (it's 35 feet deep there)

    Before I threw in the towel on trout, I needed to check the Middle depths for trout. That's where the depths are between 10-20 feet deep. We had figured out last year what is the best bait for these things. (last year a new hatchery took over and started stocking their trout, so we had to start all over again in finding what they like best) Even though the reports say Night Crawlers or Power Mice is the bait of choice, that's Bull Puckey!!! It still is the old reliable Power Bait! Maybe that just don't know the right colors or the right techniques. But to my loyal readers, I'm going to give you Full disclosure. Here's the perfect rig first, #2 test line, an number 5 split shot and an number 16 treble hook and always dip your Power bait in Bite on Garlic! Maybe other people didn't figure out the right colors of Power Bait, but here it is. Yellow Corn and Light Natural Green Garlic. Fish 2/3 of your poles with the corn flavored and 1/3 with the Green Garlic color. Why that strange ratio? Why not 50-50? Because they like corn flavored better, but all of our bigger fish came on the natural Green Garlic flavored Power bait! Now you got the rig and the bait, so where is the best location? It's right in the center of the lake! It's the 2 coves where the Crappie float is and the one cove below it! Their also in the channel of the same area, just stay on the South side of the 2nd air ratter. Drift your boat to locate the fish and maybe anchor once you find a productive spot you keep getting bit at! (or just keep drifting like we do) That's everything you need to know to be a Bad dude on trout at Lake Wohlford. Their is only 1 more trout stocking left on the 14th of April, so don't wait too long to go!

    On to our fishing on the 8th of April.

    After not getting any bites in the East end of the lake or by Boat Dock cove we then tried triple cove. (why do you call it triple cove?) The first time we drifted in there last year, we had a triple hook up on trout and lost every one of them! By the way, the Wohlford report is going to say they stocked smaller fish this time. They might have, but 13 of our 15 fish were big! The Power bait just gets the bigger ones! As soon as we drifted on the outside of triple cove we got a double hook up! Then I drifted on the inside of the cove and got another one! The fish were all over this area! I didn't think we made a single drift that we didn't pick up at least 1 fish. Several drifts we got bit as many as 3 or 4 times. Our average fish weighed between 1 1/2 to 2 pounds and we had several 3-4 pounders. Racer X hooked and landed a nice 5 pound Rainbow trout that took him almost 10 minutes to land! Of course it bit the Natural Green Garlic Power bait. It was so good fishing there, that we left them biting in the afternoon. One fish swam the wrong way and wiped out 4 of our rods. So we drifted with just 2 rods on our last 2 drifts and got bit on both drifts. A heck of a way to end the day!

    p.s. It did seem a little weird going trout fishing, after the last 5 weeks of Crappie fishing. But heck, go when the fish are biting, even if their out of their normal season!
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    Nice report,great unselfish info and tips,thanks.

    Cya Tuna Vic

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