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crime levels are up nation wide
more people incarcerated than ever
2,200,000 as of 2021

25% of the worlds total

the current criminal system we use is a total failure

here's pico rivera's current stat's not to safe a place to live

Number of Crimes 235 1,068 1,303
Crime Rate (per 1,000 resident ... 3.79 17.22 21.01

seems the current system doesn't work very well and the amount of tax revenue needed to keep it in place leads the world in spending

more money is spent on prison's than education

maybe it's time to try a new approach dealing with crime and it's causes
because there is no annual decrease in incarcerations' happening now

having guns don't help

more guns than ever out there

maybe it's time to try a new direction dealing with crime
instead of blaming george for crime that already happened under a failed system
Are you for taking guns away from citizens?