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Thread: MY BOAT IS A MICRO BOAT...maybe a kayak.

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    Default MY BOAT IS A MICRO BOAT...maybe a kayak.

    Emoter - Paradox

    THANK YOU, DANKE , ARIGATO, Y GRACIAS:::LOWLY, on youtube :::: the writer is only good as the MUSIC/ VIDEO

    I took the plunge, i bough it. she a MAGNET
    not even the hobie pro 14(s) or 12(s) get that much attention
    and they CLAIM to rule the waters... "ALARM!"
    Into the ABYSS, leaders...not followers... to make darkness GLOW.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    the new whip, poor people can have nice things too....wait... we aint poor...(IT IS IN THE MIND) ::: we simply allocate aka prioritize... A DAY AT THE LAKE, BAY, or OCEAN ... to go fishing....AGAIN! :::

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    Charro and Huerro love it. 360degree swivel seat, up and down hydraulic (kept it low for center of gravity and bay "sea sickness" , even though i got my sea legs.... dont eat a heavy meal before "entering the" water.

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Name:	boat 4.jpg 
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    comes apart, 13.4 feet long 500# capacity

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Name:	boat 5.jpg 
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    car topping a 130# boat on a corolla... j rack, inverse, well tie down, leading and trailing tie downs and center hull straps. max speed on the freeway 60, average 55. Kept getting thumbs up from what i suspect fellow fisherman.

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    although felt sound, met by brother 16 miles from Yucaipa, then we put it on the new DIY second tier kayak trailer, we build the 2nd tier, hence not painted. MPG greatly increase on his toyota 4 runner by 100 miles instead of car topping a 3rd kayak. Now he can fit 4 or 3when i come along, cause mine is so wide (48 inch).

    paid 2k on this used kayak, kept getting so much attention on and off the water on the 1st time and only time out. took it out early, while my brother kept fishing the hobie pro and a friend a hobie sport. Reason being, squeaky noise from the drive, sounded like dry gears meshing together. Instead of damaging the drive, will lube it with grease and oil after research on youtube.

    PERFORMANCE was great, even with the concerns state above. The two pontoons are slimmer than a big hull reducing drag. The instant reverse is why i went with a bicycle style drive instead, BTW Jackson Kayaks makes this drive . I can maintain a "HOVER" in a drift with minimal effort compare to Hobies pull a lever to go either reverse or forward (vice versa) . I tested it under the pilings under the Ingraham St bridge in Mission bay. Check and pass to hold structure on the fly.

    no one likes a show off.... but Incase yall ever buy one (no matter what brand), always check the drive. update once i open and most likely fix the drive from the annoying gear meshing and squeaks.

    can't wait to make it glow with some 12v car LED high LUMENS lights like this.....

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	glow.jpg 
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    (curtesy of the previous owner using hull led lights from Harbor freight) .....$30 something each, f that, ill make my own.... I've got lots of 18360s

    What navigations lights (jk, 360 degree 2 mile per reg needed at nights on all kayak in Cali)...what was blue during daylight is now green glow NIGHT.

    walking around this platform and able to pivot the seat 360 without turning the bow is amazing.

    "ENTER THE DRAGON" "SEGA!!!!" cant wait till bring you report on "THIS fishing VESSEL"

    SALVi....(thats another story)

    BLUE SKY 360 BOATWORKS ANGLER..... "i hate all the attention... ON and OFF the water... "yo look at the hobies.... stop looking at me!"
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

Name:	boat2.jpg 
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    forget the the car toping.. the new/ old modify trailer. Too bad they stop selling this harbor freight small trailer

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	war.jpg 
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    1.5 emt pipe, superstruts, 1.5 end caps, stainless steel bolts, new led lights, new 24 ' hardness, and a stop sign square tube for added length (lol. ,, do drilling needed)

    SHE IS MAGNIGICIENT.... what a fishing vessel/ structure.... now she got her own cradle.... Hobies are SCRARED, wtf this aint magic mountain fright fest!!!

    Water Temple 10 Hours - Zelda Ocarina of Time

    hidden temple!! jaja

    We play the game, in real life or video games to rank up and get the best....or the best we can afford.... then we go against the BIG BAD BOSS!!! AKA WATER PALACES!!! and we flip it to HIM!!! .. F YOU We came, we were, we CONQUER.... with our tools of the trade....NEW or USED. and mods.... WE STILL GOT TO SEE WATER.

    PS. its 10 HOURS of WATER TEMPLE... damm witch cast a SPELL ON ME.....
    just let me find that witch!!!!

    It's on!
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