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Thread: Sarl 1/31

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    Quote Originally Posted by FISHISH View Post
    lol, eTucker come back!
    I would love to keep writing about my fishing adventures lately but the Chimps are getting too darn smart! (the Chimps are my competition!) It's like in the Planet of the Apes and the apes now have guns! I went last week to Irvine Lake and was going to fish a new area for trout a buddy of mine found the week before. I talked to the best trout fishermen at the lake in line and he told me he did great the day before. (he always fishes close to the boat dock) Yet when the gate opened up and it was a sprint to the spots, guess where he ended up? Right where my buddy told me to go! Then the trout switched baits on us and I was the slow one to pick it up! They felt sorry for me and told me what the new bait was! Now I had to use my head and took the new bait back the next day and figure out the best way to fish it! (it was Super Bowl Sunday and no one was there, so I easily got the spot I wanted) I figured out a couple of things I don't think they know yet, so I should be back in the saddle again! Lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkShadow View Post
    You know enough to be using Kool Aid punch in your carp dough!

    Good job!

    All i know is using corn or tortillas.
    Speaking of Carp dough, a guy at Irvine last week got the magic formula not just for Carp but for big catfish too. He caught a 44 pound catfish on Saturday and then on Sunday got 2 more DD catfish on the same mix! Plus some carp those day too. That's a guy who knows his stuff!

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    Other than the recent slow bite and lack of breakfast burritos, SARL is definitely a nice place to take the wife or girlfriend to catch her first trout. Once we get more rain in the area, the trout bite should heat up, like everywhere else.

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