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Thread: Lake Cuyamaca

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    Default Lake Cuyamaca

    going to try and hit it thursday

    talked to one of my buddy's that lives in julien
    that goes there semi regularly
    he said it has been a ghost town there with no pressure
    that said he said things are slow still very cold but bass are there if you work for them

    3000lb's of trout were planted last month
    and an equal numbers expected to be stocked in the coming month

    they still have a fish for free program if you kill a carp so maybe that might be an incentive

    no camping at this time but they still rent cabins

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    fishing was great

    spent most of the time trolling using rapala's rainbow dd's

    the three of us caught 11 trout biggest was a little under 4lb's
    the other's were all around 2 1/2 or so
    bass fishing was slow ,and the ones we caught where smaller
    all the carp you want
    the lake was empty with less than dozen boats out

    seems like everyone had some success as at the docks we saw stringers with fish

    weather was nice in the mid 70's and lite wind

    even if fishing had been crappy it was a nice day with lots of nature to be seen deer eagles and other rapters

    they seemed to be catching at will so it was fun watching them outfish us

    all in all a great day

    we did see dfg rangers ,they didn't bother us but they where there

    still have a bounty on carp so you can still save money on fishing fee

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    Nice report, have great memories there when we used to drive up from "The Cajon Zone" and fish with my daughter. Thanks for sharing may have to take a trip and re-live good times. Were using a downrigger or leadcore with the CD's?

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    no lead core just deep divers and floaters the floaters worked better water is cold

    spinner baits and plastic for bass but again the floaters worked best

    replaced all the treble hooks with single hooks tried metering fish but all blind strikes or passing jumping fish
    which the birds went agro over

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