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Thread: Poachers! It's that time again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NFCD I View Post
    Thanks for your input Kwin.

    Can a given lake have different regulations than others?
    They can..

    However, "regulation simplification" is the current direction due to many many anglers who feel regulations are too complicated.

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    and how to be scheduled for for your question and comments to be addressed

    let me know how it works out

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    Well this is disappointing. I'm taking the boat out on skinner for the first time tomorrow in hopes to catch some striper. My son has wanted to catch them forever and I thought we'd give it a shot on his birthday. No clue what we're doing as we strictly go for large mouth but we aren't gonna keep more than two just to try them.

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    Silverwood has a robust striped bass population, but also a toxicity warning for consumption of them.
    Has there been similar warnings and/or research into other lakes that receive aquaduct water, albeit further down the chain, such as the one being discussed here (Skinner)? Would think they would have similar findings.

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    So just got back. Got skunked. We found the schools all day but I have no clue what I'm doing. They were sticking around 33-40ft of water and hugging the bottom. We threw ice jigs on them and these little lead heads with a spinner blade on them that were suggested by the guys at last chance tackle.

    I guess I'll try some lead core and feathers next time. Any tips or suggestions? Thanks

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    2020 report do out this july

    most fish species and aquatic bodies in california
    whether fresh or oceanic all suffer from pollution and contamination

    thus state and federal warnings over consumption being common

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    [QUOTE=DarkShadow;806457]But if most all anglers are not catching limits of 10, why not raise the limit to 25? That way, the individuals who have dialed down the bite can benefit from the raised limit, which will essentially help the lake in the long run?

    I'm not going to make regulation changes based upon outlier data.

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    I'm still confused in that if most anglers cannot catch a limit (data you provided,) then what damage does increasing the slot limit have to the fishery?

    How about we factor the issue at hand to the least common denominator and ask this question:

    "Are the anglers who are taking over limits of juvenile striped bass in Lake Skinner making a positive impact on the striper fishery, and the fishery in general?"

    Remember that we're not asking about the 'legality' or 'morality' or the 'letter of the law' here. We're simply asking whether these poachers are in essence, helping the fishery by keeping '50' of these juvenile stripers.

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    if you comply by purchasing a annual license

    then the real question should be why nothing is being done by the state wildlife department

    the lake could be sanitized of 90% of the strippers without destroying the existing biomass of other species

    just would mean buckets of money ,our money being used

    any of the ways require a lot man hours and effort

    i posted links for you to contact the wildlife department
    you try to get your question scheduled for a meeting to be addressed at
    all you need is a phone

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    I was told yesterday, by one of the Park Rangers, they now have permission to check ice chests for limits.

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