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Thread: What happened to the Christmas tree market this year?

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    Default What happened to the Christmas tree market this year?

    It took me awhile to figure out that not many real Christmas tree's were sold this year! I confirmed it on trash day because I didn't see 1 Christmas tree waiting to be picked up. Does anyone know what happened? You would have thought the news would have reported something!

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    I hear DarkShadow got arrested up in Angeles National Forest trying to "harvest" his own tree.......

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    Seriously, I think this is part of a shift away from the traditional Christmas (or other holidays) "with all the trimmings." I remember having those kinds of Christmas as a kid, but ceremony and tradition never meant much to me, nor apparently to my family, either, so we don't bother with stuff like Christmas trees now. Apparently, we have lots of company in our lack of interest in keeping traditions. We still do family stuff on Christmas, just put a bunch of presents underneath a Christmas tree, or play Christmas music while opening them.
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