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Thread: Trout opener at Irvine Lake (2020)

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    Default Trout opener at Irvine Lake (2020)

    I might as well spell it all out at once now, because it's going to be the same story for the next 2 months of trout season at Irvine lake. Instead of dumping 4,000 pounds of trout once a month at Irvine like they did last year. This year their going to stock 1,000 pounds of trout each week through the end of February. So what happened on Saturday Dec 26, 2020 will likely happen every week through February. (kinda nice in my opinion!)

    So I'm going to give you a formula of success! (kind of a road map) If possible try to fish on Friday or Saturday, Sunday will be kinda of tough for sure! Get there before they open at 7:00 am and do the Le Mans run for the best spots! The best area is from the Boat dock down 200 yards on the West shore. That doesn't mean you can't catch them some where else, but that's the most productive spot.

    I think you guy's all know what a trout rig looks like, so I'm not going to explain that. But here is the key!!!!!!! Don't go as an one trick pony! What I mean by that is, "don't throw the same bait at them all day!" You got to mix it up and keep changing baits and colors! Once they seen your same color Power bait that you caught 2 fish on their tired of it! Change colors or baits! Well what other bait is their besides power bait some of you must be thinking! Try night crawlers or Power mice! Dip everything thing in garlic and your good to go!

    That's the formula to catch a trout at Irvine Lake.

    Well what did you do Mr. Smart guy some of you are wondering for sure! I got my limit, 2 on corn Power bait and 3 on Mice tails! (I didn't have any night crawlers with me) As soon as I switched over to Mice tails I caught 2 really fast and then the guys next to me switched over and that shut down my Mice tail bite. As soon as I switched colors on Mice tails I got bit in 5 minutes for my limit! The best trout fishermen fishing to my left got limits with his buddy. But most groups did only catch a few! With the information I gave you. You people can be Top dogs at that lake on trout! Lol
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    So like, are people fishing bass from shore?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkShadow View Post
    So like, are people fishing bass from shore?
    Yes that's the only way to do it! Do they catch very many you might be wondering? At times like Spring and Fall it's very good! At the summer time it's just a pick. In the Fall (October of this year) they had 2 excellent Bass bites going. A spinnerbait bite in the small middle section. (some guy's caught as many as 12 a day) Plus a Rockpile bite that was unheard of! The best Bass fishermen there caught 41 in 2 weeks and they all averaged 3-6 pounds! It was so good, they had a bicycle race to get there first. (it looked like Hong Kong!)

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    I just paid ahead of time!!


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