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Thread: COVID-19 to end soon

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    Default COVID-19 to end soon

    2020 to end soon but the pandemic is unlikely. How are you guys holding up? In terms of lifestyle, have you adapted to the changes? What do you miss most about the pre-corona world?

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    Fishin' with a huge group of friends. AKA a meetup
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    We have not been on vacation this year, and the number of classes where I teach has been reduced and restricted to online only, so there have been big changes. Bui we are being careful and doing well, and fishing on day trips sometimes but not as much as I would like to.

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    Most of all, there is a lack of the ability to move freely and meet friends. I feel that with the current situation it is not worth even dreaming that the whole family will come together in one house and will celebrate Christmas and meet the New Year.

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    california and several other states will be back in the black tier with total lockdown by thanksgiving

    hoarders are back in force

    the end of the tunnel will stay dark untill at least the third quarter of next year

    millions will loose their health benefits on dec 26 and roughly 1 out of 4600 homes nationwide is or will be in active foreclosures
    add in renter evictions and the new percentage of homeless will supersede the all time high

    all by the the end of the year

    so i don't see a positive bump anytime soon
    we are at least a year away from any form of pre pandemic conditions

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    I miss Happy Hours and Trivia Night with the crew and being hungover on a Wednesday morning.

    I need for bars and restaurants and malls to reopen to get people back indoors and not crowding the trails/streams/lakes/creeks/rivers in our national forests. It is sad seeing how those places were trashed in a matter of weeks.

    Also can't wait for great deals on used fishing/camping/backpacking equipment here soon too! So many people thought they were going to become the next John Muir or the next Brad Pitt in A River Runs Through It during the pandemic and visited their local fly shop or outdoor outfitter to drop coin on equipment they'd use once. We'll be seeing those on EBay here soon!

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    Thank you all for your responses.

    I'm jealous that you guys are still able to go fishing with friends. It really helps a lot to distract us from all of the negativity going on.

    I also do miss the malls, bars, restaurants... I miss the crowd. I miss seeing people have fun without having to worry about any virus.

    As for my family, we were originally planning to go on a vacation this Christmas but I doubt it's going to happen. I also read this article about going on a vacation.

    I think I'll pass on traveling in the meantime. With all the requirements and everything, it's just best to cancel until things are quite calm. I guess we just have to celebrate the holidays differently this time.

    Oh, how I wish this is just a dream.

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    Yep, as the pandemic worsens, strict curfews are back. California will soon be under a 10 p.m. curfew. Like others, I have noticed fishing areas (when open) have been surprisingly crowded. It is easy -- natural even -- to socially distance while fishing or hiking.
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    Remember the morons who pushed for 'herd immunity' and used Sweden as an example?

    Yeah, I remember Steelplate too.

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    Tomorrow night 10pm to 5am stay inside. The virus will not effect you between these hours.

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