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Thread: Fishing options this year?

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    Quote Originally Posted by twin22s View Post
    Some good advice, learning is the key thing it seems. I have been fishing for 30 years and always seem to be humbled every time I think I have it figured out. Caught one bass on a drop shot at LNL yesterday. A fishing buddy and some confidence would probably help more than anything.
    Yea I agree. I'm relatively new to fishing and I only get a few fishing trips in a year... I'm trying to make some fishing buddies to get some knowledge and make the most outta what I got. Some confidence would go a looooong way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FISHISH View Post
    do you happen to know where?
    No I didn't get exact details! Our crew fished 3 different lakes on Sunday and all did well. So exact details on any one adventure were spotty! Lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by FISHISH View Post
    lol so LNL is that not so secret honey hole...
    Nope! However, that's just another good lake to fish! The whole point of this thread was, after the Salt water goes quiet, is their other exciting fishing opportunity's? My answer is yes!!! Sodapop did a great job of naming the lakes! I fish about 3/4 of the lakes he named, so I know how good they are! You do have to put your time on the water to figure them out, but Sodapop named many good lakes to learn. The only part that I disagree with Sodapop was, he only fishes the lake once and moves on! Heck, that's how I get my big numbers of fish! I find a hot lake and fish the heck out of it!
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