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Thread: Fishing Miracle Thread & Bait Bags For "Softer" Baits!

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    Default Fishing Miracle Thread & Bait Bags For "Softer" Baits!

    Using Atlas Mike's Miracle Thread!

    Miracle Thread is a very thin highly stretchable elastic line that catfish anglers have used to tie on soft squishy liver to their hooks. I saw the instant benefits of using this on 2 types of popular available baits here in Hawaii. Shrimp & Aku belly (Skipjack Tuna). I couldn't find any Aku belly at the stores but i had salted frozen shrimp in the freezer.

    This wrap simply "mummifies" the bait to the hook. I normally tie in my harder baits like whole crab and cut squid (Ika) by using heavy duty waxed dental floss through the hook's eye. Can't do this using softer baits because it'll fly off when casted. And you'd have to re-bait more often because the smaller oceanic critters will chew/gnaw those softer baits off that hook if it survives being casted out.

    MT will help deter smaller marine organisms from slowly devouring the soft baits. It has kept the baits tied onto the hook from being casted. I used all my strength to purposely whip those rigs out as hard & long as i could & the bait stayed on using MT. Miracle Thread WORKS.

    For any type of soft bait i recommend salting using rock salt, not table salt as it melts (even in the freezer). Freeze the bait in a ziplock bag packed with rock salt to firm-up the bait & prolong longevity.
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