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Thread: Superman

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkShadow View Post

    What color M&M did you vote for?!

    I like the orange one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CHUCKY View Post
    I like the orange one.
    Me too!

    He kinda looks worried. As if he's gonna lose the vote.

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    Remember when HawgzWylde thought an article from The Onion was legit?

    That was HawgzWylde. This is our President:

    What a moron!

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    It's difficult to believe that so many people voted for such a mo-ron.

    By the way, blue is my favorite color. ;)

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    Happy Sunday guys!

    Look who's coming to California for ca$H:

    I bet SteelDolt and Chucksters were ready to pay $150,000 for their chance to take a picture with Mango Mussolini.

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    I saw some film of him on the news. He was looking pretty slow, definitely slower than before.

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    And your Fake News for the day.

    We'll start with the most outrageous one, our friend and yours, Rudy Guiliani, the lawyer for our President,

    1. Rudy Being Rude-y

    2. Trumpy paying China $188k in taxes and hidden accounts there? You don't say.

    3. Trumpy Really Betting on His Own Horse? 7K?

    Have a great day everyone!

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    So the reason for the pathetic turnouts for Harris and Biden is supposedly the "plandemic" but then 50 people show up in their cars and get out and stand shoulder to shoulder... so much for these morons leading by double digits. There is absolutely zilch enthusiasm for these clowns. FAKE NEWS ain't fooling anyone except the dire hard libs.

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    Today's Fake News!

    Looks Like Steelplate May Get a Refund on His Admission Ticket

    I thought Pence was the leader of the Corona task force? Oh that's right, fake virus.\

    And finally....

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