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Thread: new breaking news

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    Default new breaking news

    just heard from little bird

    korea is in full blow total lockdown including the Chinese border once again
    with a wave of a a new mutated virus
    that is ten times as virulent as the current c19

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    Sadly, that does not surprise me. The more virus there is out there, the more chance it has to mutate into a more virulent form somewhere in the world.

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    Well, yes, especially since now, in fact, vaccination against influenza has not yet begun, there is a coronavirus. 2 different viruses enter the human body - as a result, the chance of creating a new virus increases, from which humanity has no immunity. Please note that the diseases are becoming more highly contagious. After the Spanish flu, there was no such thing, as far as I remember, only Covid-19. But Covid's mortality rate is not high. What disgusting wait next?

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