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Thread: Unofficial tournament? Weekend of 9/25?

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    Default Unofficial tournament? Weekend of 9/25?

    Normal morning is about 10 boats. This morning was closer to 30. Lots of guys who aren't regulars. Folks at the booth said there is no word of a tournament, but that some of those boats were camping. My guess is pre-fishers?

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    A couple months ago the same thing happened and I was told by one of the guys that a lot of the lakes aren't issuing/revoked tournament permits due to COVID.

    These guys were from up north somewhere.

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    I was out there on the 25th, was shocked to see so many boats in line. one thing I noticed was it looked like most were striper fisherman. I was in the red and white phoenix. At the booth the lady who is usually there asked if i was in a tournament or pre fishing , I said no i just fun fish. long line but not many on the lake other than the buy lines.

    Seen busters in the AM, then lots of shad balls and a few busters later in the day
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