Hoisting Power! 40lb Max Drag! Huge Line Capacity! Smooth & Strong!

I had the distinct pleasure of field testing the NEW Surf 8K Spinners from Okuma. These reels have been used in Australia, Asia & Europe & has now been released in the States. The 8K's have been paired with 11'Cedro Heavy Surcasters. I decided to hit the deep-drop piers. At 1am i took a massive strike & a shark was giving me a battle until it cut the fluorocarbon leader dropping me on my backside. So i decided to go across island to a much deeper pier. I used frozen squid until i could catch some live bait.

The moon was full so wasn't expecting much. Had a large 8-9ft Galapagos swimming around on the surface chasing away the fish till midnight. Then at 3am had a "ding-ding". So i checked the reel to discover the drag was still set tight for the last shark i was fighting. Something was on but couldn't pull the 40lb maxed out drag. So i horsed it in. What a great surprise to see i caught a fat Moi "Pacific Threadfin". One of the best eating fish around. Back in ancient times Hawaiian royalty reserved the right to eat this fish, and nobody else. That's how good it tastes.

When i cast off a pier i can get away with lighter cheaper casting weights since distance isn't an issue. Waters plenty deep. From shore i take the middle of the rod's recommended lure weight & go 1 or 2oz heavier (depending on the bait's weight). I fought a huge shark to average sized fish using these Surf 8K's. My impression? I'm sold! Not because i was asked to revue these reels by Okuma, but because it's the first time i ever used a distance spinner with the beefy stopping power of a conventional! Those that know me knows i'm for long distance shore casting. I used to have 3 Ultegras just for that. I'm glad i sold those reels now. The Surf 8K's are all aluminum construction, the Ultegras has plastic in their design. For the price i paid for the Ultegra 5500 CI4 i could've bought 5 of these! Do the math.

But wait, you say the Surf 8K's are more for chunking baits, right? Not for plugging or light casting? It is! But i also love to plug & go shore casting. This reel is way to massive for that. You'd need to look for another spinner for that. So look into my next finished review this weekend on Okuma's NEW Prototype spinning reel that i've had since Jan. This spinner is a step down from the Surf 8K. Same line layering technology. Super light & took a massive hit yesterday w/no problems. And light enough to plug all day. This morning my arm & shoulder are fine. And i went all day & night till the next day.