10' Nomad Travel Rod Paired With A Blue Azores 6K Spinning Reel!

How strong is the 10' Nomad Heavy Travel Rod? Does it feel like a 1-piece rod? Does it feel balanced? I find not only is the Nomad a strong balanced rod but it can easily cast plugs & irons all day long. I paired the Nomad with the soon to be released Blue Azores Spinning Reel slated for release in 2019. Wow, what a great spinning surf combination!

I got up early to go East with my buddy who wanted to dive for GT's. It was blown out. So we went South instead. By the time we got there it was late in the morning. I wanted to show certain viewers that this combo was worth the investment. The reel was smooth & casts far. The rod was well balanced & felt like a 1-piece surf rod.

For the time i was there i had a large Bluefin Trevally follow the lure in but swerved away just before the lure excited the water. I had 2 Barracudas do the same. Then i had a Cuda strike the lure but it threw the hook. All this time i noticed huge schools of bait fish around that attracted large Ladyfish, Trevally, Needlefish & Barracuda. This created a nightmare for me trying to offer artificial lures to predators who wanted LIVE FOOD.