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Thread: You need a Rod that does the Bundy Bounce to catch a Catfish at Lake Wohlford!

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    Default You need a Rod that does the Bundy Bounce to catch a Catfish at Lake Wohlford!

    I wasn't going to write any fish reports in the near future because nobody seemed to care about them! When Low and Behold in my honest response to someone asking a question, "why people aren't writing very many fish report!" A Conservative person called me a Moron!!!!!! This coming from someone after seeing for 3 1/2 years of Donald Trumps incompetence. Will be voting for him again! That's was just the incentive I needed to crank out a couple of fish report! (just like in the movie Water Boy, Adam Sandler character need incentives to play hard in a football game!) Lol The Bundy Bounce is a reference to an old Married with Children episode. In that episode, Kelly was competing with another Model (actress Tia Carrie) for a Car show gig. She had a secret weapon, a physical move while saying the name of the car she would model! Bud her dumb brother was tricked by Tia Carrie to reveal the Bundy Bounce. (she used if first and got the job!) I bring all this up because the rods we used for these Catfish made all the difference in the world! We all used the same bait, same line and the same weight. So you would think, we would have gotten equal results because we were all in the same boat drifting in the wind. (we didn't!)

    Let's get into the fishing.

    On this adventure I had the GF Rita and my old fishing Buddy Bruce. (You might remember Bruce from my old park Catfishing day's) This was to be Bruce's first trip to Lake Wohlford. Since we all had the same terminal tackle and bait, let me describe the rods. I'm using a 7'2 Okuma light action rod and a 5'5 Fenwick ultra light trout rod. I'm giving Rita a Walmart Shakespeare special. Bruce is using a 6 foot intimation Kencore. Now these Catfish are aggressive and most of them aren't stockers! (they were born in the lake) Our Buddy Marvin who turned us on to the super secret catfish bait has lost 2 rods over the side this season! So the GF Rita who is a bit of a McGiver brought this dohicky thing to strap your rod to the boat. I tried it on the Okuma rod but didn't like it. (to hard to undo when bit) I like to pick up the rod and swing when I see the rod bounce a certain way! The first couple of bites on the Fenwick rod almost got it pulled over the side! So I switched rods with Rita and she used her thing a la bob on the Fenwick rod. (It was perfect for that) When the catfish bit the bait and bent the rod, the do hickey thing set the circle hook right in the catfish mouth.

    So as we are drifting along, we are getting bites on all the rods. But the bite ratio and especially the hook up ratio was so different on all the rods! On the Okuma rod, I got about 30 bites and between 15-20 hooked catfish. (that rod had the Bundy Bounce and a great hook up ratio) The Fenwick rod didn't quite have the Bundy Bounce, it got 12 bites but it did get 8 hookups. (so her hook up ratio was good) Bruce's rod had a decent Bundy Bounce, 18 bites but only 4 hook ups. The Walmart special rod should be sacrificed to the fish Gods! It got only 5 bites and no hook ups! What a difference in all 4 rods!!!!!

    Just a reminder as of now, Lake Wohlford is only open on the weekends till trout season in Dec.
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    Don't worry, bro. I just informed your accuser of who the real mo-ron is.

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