Finally decided this was the year to try out South Lake / Parcher's Resort and was rewarded with some nice trout. Caught these by a creek inlet right next to shore.
Also fished the dam in the evening and got a few planters. Other families were also hooking up in either corner of the dam.
That's some great fishing in an otherwise down year around the Sierras.
(Fish Story) There really are some big fish in the lake. Water clarity is 15ft+ and you can see their fat outlines. Even at the dam there were some fatties mixed in that bolted once hooked up with other fish.
I definitely have a plan for next time I come back.

We also stayed in the June Loop. Wonderful accommodations and scenery as usual.
Our usual destination lakes Gull and Grant are planting biweekly from Oregon. Sadly we departed the day of the plant (thursday 8/27) and did not catch anything this trip.
However family that stayed an extra day caught some fish in Gull in a boat and from shore.

One sad thing to report is huge amount of trash / broken glass bottles at every spot we stopped at.
Grant had 10+ poop bags worth of dog crap in my parking spot alone. I cleaned up what I could as a fellow dog bringer but there was a lot left.
Mammoth creek and pretty much every lake we visited had so so much broken glass. My dog will need to wear shoes from now on.
I doubt any readers here are to blame but hopefully we can do our part to clean up a little more than we leave.