The day before i hit a GT at this same spot. It dove under the pier and the line got wrapped & snapped. I dove in with my net and nail clipper & got the GT. The net handle broke trying to push the fish back onto the pier so i had to walk it in. My best fight ever! My video unit "conched" out. I was crying latter, must've been the water. That day i also fought 2 large rays and 13 smaller Jack Trevally feeding on sardines. My very best day ever with no videos. So today i dug out my older Contour 1080p HD video camera. Resolution was ok, not the highest for computer watchers but it seems IOS watchers are 2 to 1 on my videos so it really didn't matter.

Had rolling thunderstorms all day, which is why it's very dark. Water was like liquid mud from all the water run-offs. Still i stuck it out. Had this HUGE take-down hit. The amazing part was i was watching the rod tip moments before it happen. The crab "sensed" the predator since the visability was maybe a foot. It started pulling against the rod tip. Then the tip "jerked" when it was swallowed. The following steady pull turned into a screaming run when the Eagle Ray felt the sting of the hook. Times like this i was blessed to accurately interpret a scene that i can't watch by reading the signs. The Eagle Ray imposed a self C&R.