For areas of poor water visibility i use metal fishing spoons to attract fish by the "flashes" of the shinny metal. First i enhance the spinning movements by replacing the treble hooks (which causes the spoon to run straighter) with a single hook. Then i add a 1-1/2in glow minnow grub to better entice a hook-up (any favorite item you have faith in is good). Finally i add glow threads as "teasers". The final product is a rotating flashing spoon that can be used both day or night (been using these for years with great success). I prefer using 3/8oz & 1/2oz Krocodile & Kastmaster spoons for shoreline light casting.

My favorite light whipping casting rig is an Okuma 10'9" T-40X Drift Rod with a Shimano Stradic 3K spinner.

On Kastmaster spoons there's only 1 split ring securing the hook. Use a split ring plier to attach a second split ring on the other end. Then add a swivel to that.

In areas where toothy fish are common i use a longer barrel length swivel to connect to the spoon followed by a number of luminous beads to help protect the line above the lure in clear water. Areas of poor visibility i use a loop knot where the knot is roughly 4in above the spoon (so if my leader is 20lb fluorocarbon the leader line above the spoon is now doubled).

This works extremely well in the areas i frequently fish for the species i'm targeting. Using different styles of hooks for the areas you fish will vary. Just got to keep modifying your gear to find that right combination. Fish on!