Salmon Fishing for Chinook Salmon is some of the most exciting fishing you can find on salt water in the Pacific Northwest. All the way from California to Alaska these amazingly powerful fish roam in search of baitfish to gorge on allowing them to grow to epic proportions in only a few short years. During the summer large amounts of adult chinook migrate back towards their spawning grounds. There are also many smaller feeder salmon around eating everything in site. This trip was out to Barkley Sound on Vancouver Island. We stayed in Ucluelet and fished the inside waters. While most of the fish we caught were feeder chinook we still found some decent fish and had a lot of fun with the kids. Everyone was pulling in Chinook salmon and even a few double headers. Unfortunately our first few fish were not caught on camera, but I have included pictures. I am not sure if I have ever limitted on 8 chinook before, it was a fantastic day of fishing with the kids. They had a great time grabbing rods and cranking in fish. If you stick till the end of the video I give you a run down on the Chinook Fishing basics that I use out on the ocean. I am still learning. But each year I hope to add more fishing knowledge into my videos as mine also grows from year to year. I hope you enjoy this and I hope it helps you get out and catch some fish on your own as well.

Growing up in Alberta i was fortunate to make three trips out to the coast with my grandpa. Times I'll never forget and entrenched a love of that big mysterious water full of untold amounts of life. Now feel even more fortunate to be on the Pacific door step. Still some great fishing ahead for anyone headed out this way. Seems the chinook fishing has been amazing down the inside.