No fish were caught in the making of this film, but plenty of trout were analyzed during the video.

Understanding Rainbow Trout and other fish behaviour is sometimes best done by entering their underwater environment and observing their actual movements with an underwater camera or while snorkeling. That is exactly what I did in this video. I suited up this spring with the wetsuit, snorkel, fins and brought along the GoPro to see what I could catch on camera. To tell you the truth half way around the lake I had pretty low expectations as I wasn't seeing many fish at all. Then I get to the area with some mid day shade and deeper water. I dive down in the center and all of a sudden I am surrounded by rainbow trout. They are everywhere. From the bottom up the water column. It was like I was swimming in a Bass Pro Shop Giant Acquarium full of trout. They could be seen actively feeding on something. Was this the spot... the 90% of the fish in 10% of the lake. It really is cool when you see sayings like this proving to be true. It keeps you searching on these slow days to try to find some actively feeding fish. After a while and a few dives the fish went elsewhere or I drifted off the spot. Most of the rest was uneventful until I was almost back at the dock. Then a rainbow trout showed up out of nowhere and let me follow her for several minutes in close proximity while she just went on her way feeding and relating to structure. Fascinating to see them in the environment and what a fish does in a span of several minutes. Brings light to what is happening under the float. Well I hope you enjoy this underwater footage even a fraction as much as I enjoyed swimming with them. My commentary is my rambling thoughts from what I thought about what I saw. People seemed to really like my thougths on an underwater walleye video. Lets see if this on gains some interest.

Thanks for checking it out.