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Thread: Setups

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    Default Setups

    Alright guys,

    I have been a fan of freshwater for almost 20 years, now that I have kids, they like saltwater better so, we go on those party boats.

    My question is, I have heard that it is best to have backing of mono, braid main line, top shot mono, maybe a leader of floro. My concern is with all of these knots (maybe uni to uni) would it sacrifice the strength of the line?

    Or do you saltwater guys trust your knots that much?

    The biggest we would catch would be yellowtail or small tuna, but don't want a knot to come undone when fighting one.

    It just seems like there is too much going on to land a fish successfully.



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    Yes, I trust my knots that much. I also use the uni to uni....

    So, with that being said, I highly suggest you buy some cheap 20lb mono (if you already don’t have some) and start working on your knots. Personally, I have a few different set ups with different poundage of braided line. I tie 15, 20, and 25 pound fluorocarbon leaders to those set ups (you’d be surprised how much you can pull on 15 pound test, gotta get bit first....).

    Also, I always “test” my leader knots before heading out on my trip. If you simply don’t have the confidence after working on your own knots, just have one of the deckhands tie your leader for you. Those guys are always willing to help.

    Good luck. Looks like the numbers are already good out there!

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    To answer your question, recommend you fill your reels with braid (50 lb solid should cover your type fishing) to about 3/4 to 7/8 of the spool. Connect the braid to a "topshot" of about 50 to 100 yards of mono (you want to avoid the kids getting cut by the braid so starting with a 100 maybe a good idea). Use a John Collins knot to connect the braid to the mono (do an online search for a video on how to tie this knot). If the fish are line shy (they can see the mono and won't bite it), tie a 3 foot piece of fluorocarbon to your mono (lb test will depend on size of fish; match to the lb test for the mono). Use a 3 turn surgeons knot for this connection (again do an online search for how to tie this knot; doesn't look pretty but is strong). In the long term, braid will save you money as you will only need to replace the topshot. When you become more proficient and confident in being able to fish braid without getting in tangles, shorten your mono or just put on fluorocarbon to the braid (6 to 10 feet). Shorter top shots allow the bait to swim more naturally as it does not need to drag the mono which is heavier. Braid tangles are a nightmare to untangle and will cause you to loose fishing time. The knots I'm recommending are not difficult to tie and are in my opinion the best for these connections. In comparison, the uni to uni connection is not as strong.

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    what's a quick and easy knot to join mono to fluoro? uni knot?

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    Slixx1320 - Kinda to repeat the above, the best knots are ones that you can tie easily, repeatedly, and quickly. A little practice in the garage for a few minutes every evening and inside of a week you will be amazed. To answer your question, yes a uni-uni will work. For myself, if it is a short fluoro leader to a mono topshot (say under about 6 ft) I do a 5 turn surgeons knot.

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    This is the knot I use,

    Keep in mind, the thicker the line the less turns you make.

    Good Luck,

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