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Thread: You Might Be a Redneck with Corona

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    Default You Might Be a Redneck with Corona

    My favorite one is..."Some 18 percent had headaches, while 10 to 15 percent were hit by chest or abdominal pain, runny nose, sore throat and/or a feeling of confusion" List keeps growing so tests for everybody, thrice a week, 365 million people and oh don't worry about all those hopping the fence, they're probably not infected.
    The other one that's soon to be added is if you stubbed your toe on the coffee table last Thursday and you still got a little ouchy on Tuesday night you probably got it.
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    I had better not comment Iíll get deleted. Just know Iím holding back a Bible. Figuratively.

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    What could you offer in opinion that's worse or more dangerous than a sneeze without a mask on at the checkout line at Walmart

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