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Thread: RIP "The Greatest"

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    Default RIP "The Greatest"

    The “Greatest” Muhammad Ali has died. You either hated or loved him but he was the “Greatest” heavyweight boxer ever.

    His boxing style was like no other, ability to dodge blows while keeping his hands down and quick feet like no other. So many things to remember about him, The Ali Shuffle, Rope A Dope, Float Like A Butterfly Sting Like a Bee, I am the Greatest, trash talking, draft dodger and convert to Islam, first athlete to speak out on social issues.

    And all of this happened in a time without cable TV or big screens and color TV was beyond the means of most people. So glad I lived during this time to see it as it happened live.

    RIP Champ.

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    Devore..I agree. Much more than an athlete. I'm a 56 year old black male. What he stood for during that time was ground breaking.



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    He really was amazing, back in the day of free high profile boxing events. Wild world of sports, back when boxing was real, I remember watching him and foreman, smoking joe Frazier, he would back into a corner put his hands on the top ropes and not get hit. Just dodge big men swinging for the fences. Rabbit ears and no remote control, but on Saturday night, for free, world class matches. I was 11 when I saw the thrill in Manila, too young to know him as Cassius Clay, he was always Mohamed Ali to me. The black superman.
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    Float like a butterfly sting like a bee. The hands can't hit what the eyes can't see. - also known as "The Louisville Lip" in the early days. The "GOAT" in later days. "Cosell's her agitating again!"
    Remember when he lifted Howard's rug? They were like Dean and Jerry together .... perfect foils.

    A welterweight Archie Moore in a heavyweight body...

    Don't understand him being non-violent and choosing to go Islam.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DEVOREFLYER View Post
    The “Greatest” Muhammad Ali has died. You either hated or loved him but he was that “Greatest” heavyweight boxer ever.
    He's the greatest ever! He was a true boxer, not like those nowadays that hug each other for the whole fight.
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    X'2 all of your reply's. He was tough old school but I am also and I think He was great also.

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