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Thread: PB 24” redfish.. videos later... 1/27/20

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    Default PB 24” redfish.. videos later... 1/27/20

    It was WFO yesterday on live bait.

    been going through a lot over here lately with a bunch of stuff. Got a new laptop and transferred my old computers to a friend after repairing and reinstalling them. I hate computers. Used to work in a PC repair shop up on the California Island of Alameda at one point in time. Despise PCs and all they entail.
    cant live with them, can’t live without them.

    I also had to return my truck after some problems with the dealership, after owning it ten days and paying cash. Couldnt even believe it.

    so I went to another stealership and got a white one. Lmfao.
    lif is way too crazy guys. Can’t even begin to explain. Somebody help me slow it down.
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    I guess white is safer than blending in with the concrete?!


    along with the not-so-smart-phone report:

    I’ve learned that there is usually two tides a day.
    One is USUALLY larger than the other, with regards to a few other things, of course.
    I seem to find fishing the larger tide to be less productive, in this area.

    so I’ve been fishing the smaller of the two daily tides.
    when this condition coincide with/near dawn or dusk, you have good fishing conditions.
    Add in some falling barometric pressure from an approaching front and you have a feeding fest.
    You just need the food.

    so with all my stresses lately (money honestly doesn’t solve everything) I decided to fish some bait. When you fish artificial with a bad mode/attitude, it doesn’t help. You need to stay positive and hope for the best and not give up. My mood wasn’t so awesome and I just wanted to forget things and kick back and fish bait.

    I took my last $24 and went to Walmart and bought a new cast net, armed with knowledge how not to destroy this one like I did my first one.
    Attachment 52445

    a knew rain was coming in. I wasn’t expecting much. Figured I might just go try to catch bait before the rain and come home.

    took the rods and pack just in case.
    made it to the hole and bait was hard to come by. Tide was coming in. They have more places to hide and the rush of fresh water trips them out. I think they hu lee down and head inland into the weeds when the tide comes in.

    spent two hours and finally got together about eight baits. Two of which were 12” mullet. They were so big in my cast net at first I thought they were striper. They have black lines down their sides in a similar fashion to the jailbirds we know from back home.

    I almost turned and left after I got the bait. It was already starting to get dark.
    But I figured I’d walked the quarter mile hauling my heavy bait bucket anyway.
    for some reason I was reluctant to tie on a baitfish. I was casting my jig head with a DOA glow in the dark fork tail.

    got to my spot. Wasn’t catching anything on the fork tail jig. Notice some HUGE boils.
    that got me to tie a 1/0 circle hook on and throw out a baitfish.
    not 10 seconds later I get hit by a freight train and this fish is TAKING LINE on my new combo like it’s nothing. I about **** myself at the power of this fish. Probably 10lbs or better, easy. All the sudden, slack!
    fawk!! Did the line break?! What happened?
    I feel it in and have a 1/0 bare circle hook, sans bait.

    hook was too small. Didn’t go in. Lost a monster! Fawk! This was a big big big fish. When I set the hook he rolled on the surface and it was a 3’ wide boil.
    my mood hit the floor. My BULL redfish just escaped again!

    I tied on a 3/0 circle hook and nose hooked another bait.
    the damn hook is almost as large as the bait at this point. I’m thinking the fish will never eat it.
    turns out, the huge hook helped get the bait down a little quicker into the holes between the current from the tide coming in. The fish didn’t care the hook was as large as the baitfish.
    I could feel the baitfish running from all the fish I caught.
    you’d feel some wiggling and then CHOMP and dead weight. Then the current would move the fish and your rod begins to load up. All you have to do is lift firmly and lean back lol. So classic.

    i mopped up about six redfish clones to 2.5lbs in short order. Was about to call it a day.. sad I lost big daddy.

    I had one bait left. It was a different type of baitfish. A little larger and wider. I nose hook the bad boy and toss it out flyline into the current ahead of a hole. Let it drift with the current and swim down into the hole.
    I gave it a pause. Then a little POP to bring the baitfish back to life again. BOOM the freight train came back for a visit. I could tell this one wasn’t as big, but I was still feeling head shakes.

    2 minutes later and several good drag stripping runs on the 20lb braided/fluoro setup, first time I really got to feel a decent fish on the new combo, I bring the beast to shore. its head was huge. Half the size of my human head. Such a beautiful fish.

    thise redfish fight so hard and swim down for the deep like a catfish. They are very very fun to fight!
    I got the whole thing on video. Several of the fishes.

    im going back today, post front, for the smaller tide this evening to see what happens again.
    probably post front so won’t be the same.. but I’d like to see anyway.
    ill go back at low tide, Make bait, and hang around for the evening high tide bite again.

    today, there will be sun as opposed to yesterday clouds. But temps are the same.. unless you’re in the sunlight. Of course that’s going to feel warmer.

    we will see what happens. Maybe more fish today before I cut a clip... otherwise I’d show you the 24” redfish now. you’ll have to wait to see it for later ;)

    sorry for the phone post. TJ out!

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    Pics or it didn’t happen Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Didn’t make it back out yesterday. The memory of that toad will have to stick just the way it was.. a wide open wrist snapping live bait fishing cast netting late afternoon to dusk hiking trip that put me to sleep proper with a smile on my face.

    I’ll add them in to my next video.

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    Ohhhhhhhhhh baby!
    have I got a treat for you guys! ETA 1-2 days...
    hint: I was back out hunting monsters today!!!

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