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Thread: cold day @ the wood

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    Default cold day @ the wood

    The day started out great - first in line @ 06:15. launched and gave the collage try for the newly stocked trout, stayed in whats left of miller canyon and after 2 hours of no action, put down the down rigger with a threaded nigh crawler at the depth of 40 feet. Trolled through the main channel at 2.88 miles an hour and got no action. Proceeded to the spillway and started the long wait for the first bite. Juan as usual got the first bite after an hour or so followed by me getting a bite, the bites were slow coming in for the first 2 hours but then picked up with the often immediate bite. at about 11:00 or 12:00 the rain came down softly briefly followed by the occasional snow flakes. No real wind to speak of through out the day but it was really cold all day. We both limited out and returned to the dock. I panicked for a minute when I could not find my truck keys but then started the long drive home. All in all it was a good day at the wood.

    PS does anyone have any tips on how to troll for Salmon and with what? I am planning on fishing up north at a few lakes spending 7 days camping and fishing the lakes up there. I did some research and discovered that there were Salmon in one of the lakes that suspend at the depth of around 40 feet. I have an electric Cannon down rigger but do not know whit to troll!

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    Excellent report. Thanks.

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    Thanks for your report! Great you guys got your limits of fish. I enjoyed your report look forward to the report on the Salmon vacation you are going on in the future.
    Jig-Guy / Bill

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