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Thread: Decent Striper fishing off of the Marina docks

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    Default Decent Striper fishing off of the Marina docks

    With the nice weather this week for Nov, I'd thought we would hit Silverwood before it gets really cold. The reports I was reading said the docks were doing ok on Stripers and catfish. (I fished the docks enough to know, you can get a decent spot there and not worry about Land Sharks) Sure enough on Wed at 10 minutes before they opened we were only the 3rd car in line. We were loaded for Bear with all the baits they might hit, so if they were biting we would catch some! I went with my 2 fishing partners Glenn and Phil. Poor Phil jinks himself when they got to me house. He said, "Glenn only brought an #2 pound test outfit for himself!" So could I lone him an heavier pole? He doesn't need it because I plan to fish with an #2 pound outfit myself I told Phil. (obviously Phil will be fishing with heavier gear)

    We fished the Docks a few times last year with decent results, so we already each had a plan! I was going to fish 1 rod with Mackerel for a catfish and the other light rod with worms for the Stripers. Phil was going to fish a 2 hook dropper loop with cut anchovy's and another rod with the misc baits we had. Glenn was pot committed with his light set up. Glenn needed an nap so he stayed in the car for an hour, so we started fishing with the above set ups. After an hour Glenn came down to find we had a few bites but hooked nothing. So he went light with a worm and caught one on his first cast! Oh that made us look good, he caught a Striper right out of the gate! So I copied him and was getting bit pretty consistently on the small Stripers. (so was Glenn) But poor Phil just watched us for the next 2 hours do pretty good on the Stripers and he didn't even get a bite. A gentlemen came over and said a guy yesterday fishing in our same spot, "Murdered" the Stripers including a few nice 5-6 pounders. He was fishing with cut Sardines and fly lining them. So the docks are producing if you know what your doing! We were getting light bites, so the 2 pound test and light rods did the trick. I don't think the boats did all that well! As we were stringing up these Stripers as they were coming in, "they gave us that Mad Dog look!" Lol Just as we were packing up to go, Phil finally got bit on his dropper loop set up! So he beat the Skunk!

    The Docks are still happening if you can finesse your baits! At least during the week days, their is no mad rush to fish there! Good luck if anyone wants to try it!
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    Thanks for the report

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    Hello Erik. I used to fish the docks at Silverwood several times per year until they put health warnings on the fish, especially the Striped Bass which they said "Do not consume." Since they were one of the commonest catches there, along with Bluegills and Crappie, and I took fish home to eat from there, I stopped going. But Kwin says that the small stripers from Silverwood are okay to eat actually (just not the big ones), so I am thinking of going again. I know the fishery biologists would like to see the Striped Bass population thinned there, and also at Diamond Valley. Anyway, thank you for the report. I have a Poppy Pass so parking would be free for my car.

    By the way, I only hooked a bigger one there once, on a Krocodile Lure I think, but it got off. The larger ones are really pretty uncommon from the docks in my experience. But I have also caught some small ones on lures like Super Dupers there. You have to drop it to the bottom, then reel it up very fast, which sometimes elicits strikes. If not, they bite on natural baits like worms, etc.

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    It was an interesting journey, definitely!

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    Bait and wait at the docks? Rookie move Etucker. Get off your butt and patrol the shoreline, topwater has simply been nuts.

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    Cool report thanks,stripers on two pound test sounds very cool!

    Cya Tuna Vic

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    Quote Originally Posted by seal View Post
    Bait and wait at the docks? Rookie move Etucker. Get off your butt and patrol the shoreline, topwater has simply been nuts.
    Seal what happened to Cleghorn Canyon? I went in there to fish Monday and it's was all dried up?

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