Love it,no frickin mosquitos,lake lice are at a minimum and getting less and less,and I caught my first trout out of the wood.
I usually donít target trout,donít even have the right gear,but seeing them swim in schools two feet from shore was a bit of an insult.took me a few outings but nailed one on the tiniest kastmaster i could find.
With that outta my system the striper fishing continued,got on a few boils pre sunrise nailed a few schoolies on topwater,been hiking a lot trying to find the lakes secrets and to get it to reveal habitual striper spots.
Itís a little slow as Iím not used to fishing the more populated parts of the lake,I miss the dam.
Oh yeah,ran into a black bear as I was hiking around the backside of miller,word of advice,stay outta the blackberry bushes,I realized even though they are small my CRKT Bowie wouldnít even phase that bad boy.