I’d like to share a super simple and oil-free bass recipe using oven. No oil is needed and we essentially “steam” the bass in oven. If your kids or friends don’t like fish bones, this is a good dish for them.
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We only need a few simple ingredients besides bass fillet. They are asparagus, carrots, cilantro, soy sauce for fish that can be easily found in asian stores. I’ve shared how to fillet a bass in my previous video.

Here is a 2 minute video on the steps:

If the above video is not displayed properly, here is the direct youtube link

We use ingredients with mild flavors so that they don’t hide the natural sweet flavor of the sea bass. The soy sauce further enhances the natural sweetness of bass and carrots. The asparagus absorbed with all the flavors is my kids’ favorite.

We often cook fish with asparagus, onion, carrot together so that kids eat more vegetables. What's your favorite vegetable that goes well with fish dishes?