late report
Got the invite from my buddy Micheal to headed down south to fish and a private boat ,
he said to get ready for a long day and he wasnt kidding , the plan was to jump on the 24' parker at 3am out of point loma,
weather was overcasted and cold, there was 4 on the boat, we flew over and picked up 3 scoops of nice sardines and headed straight south for about 2 hours and started fishing nice patties we came across, the first few were empty but just when we were going to give up on yellowtail ( we wanted tuna) last one produced some nice ones in the 20 pound range all 6 coming off live bait , i got mines on 40# floro , wow surprised , ussualy i fish 20# but i was set up for tuna , we decided we wanted tuna so we moved on and started seeing signs of life BIRDSS the working kind too , i managed to hook up first on live bait but after about 40 minutes it spit the hook at the gaff , Captain John said it looked to be 80-90lbs **** my life, we moved on to boils and foamers all day !!! massive schools of tuna ,
they managed to get 4 quality bluefin tunas in the 50-75 range on the big popper (425) , we also manged 5 yellow fin tunas in 25# range i got my 2 on the coltsniper 180 too many casualties, i was bite clean off by another blue fin we fished hard and it payed off , we fished the whole day didnt make it back the dock till like 10pm , no complains here , cant wait to get out there again and kill my first blue fin of the season
great fishing and made some new fishing buddies
i wish i had some nice pictures to share but my phone is at the bottom of the pacific ocean ,