I fished Skinner on Tuesday. I call it fishing, most would call it a boat ride. I picked up 3 stripers and 1 LMB.

I arrived at 5:00AM and was 1st in line. As always, I had my paperwork for the boat filled out and all necessary per-paid entry cards available.

I guess there's a new sheriff in town. I was informed that they no longer accept boat paperwork that is filled out by the customer. The person at the gate has to fill it out.

How much sense does this make? This will add 2 or 3 minutes to every boat entering the lake. If I'm 10th in line, I'll have to wait 30 minutes before I can even get in.

I've seen a lot of BS when dealing with the county, but this one really pisses me off. What can it possibly hurt to have this paperwork pre-filled out when you pay your fees?