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Thread: Bass and halibut fishing at night, with some tips we've learned

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    Default Bass and halibut fishing at night, with some tips we've learned

    Hi everyone, this is my first post on this forum and looking forward to seeing you on water

    We had a night fishing trip targeting for bass and halibut. The ocean at night was so beautiful but fish was reluctant to bite. We've figured out that small frozen bait was the key and got some keepers and hope this tick would help you in your future trip. If you have some tips on how to deal with a slow day, you're more than welcome to comment below and we'll try it out next time.

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    Looks like a nice evening on the water, thanks!

    Cya Tuna Vic

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    Nice video! While I have nothing concrete, it was always my thought that the freezing process ruptures cells in the bait (or anything you are freezing, for that matter) and that when using frozen bait, once you fish it and it thaws that it throws more of a "scent slick" out at well. The downside - due to the same process, once the bait thaws the cell structures are compromised (hence the bait turns to "mush") and does not stay on the hook like a fresh bait or fresh dead bait. Just a theory, but whenever my friends and I head out we usually have some frozen stashed in the ice chest even though we know we are going to get a load of 'dines at the receiver.

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    That's true. The frozen fish fall off hook easily and also got pull apart by smaller fish / short bites easily. We mainly use it as a backup.

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