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Thread: We are now into double digits on Trophy Catfish caught

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    Default We are now into double digits on Trophy Catfish caught

    Well the Catfishing at Irvine Lake is still a grind for us, but we are still landing Trophy Catfish 1 fish at an time! This week was no different with 2 more Trophy Catfish caught. I know of others that are doing better then we are (that's ok and I'm happy for them) but we are still getting our "CUT!" As a fishermen, I try new lakes and new techniques all the time with disastrous results! That's ok and that's part of fishing and that doesn't bother me 1 bit. But what really bothers me in fishing and I still have nightmares about some trips is this. I made it all the way some where and the fish were biting and everybody around me was catching fish and I got Skunked! (that hasn't happened very many times in my life, but when it does happen, I'm still not over some of them) Lol Fortunately at Irvine lake in 2019 when it came to these Trophy Catfish. (We are doing just fine!) 10 Trophy Catfish landed and half of them were DD size catfish! I'll take it and say, "Thank you very much!"

    As for the 2 Catfish landed this week, they were caught on different shores. A smaller #8 pound catfish was landed on the East shore, but a real nice size #15 pounder came on the West shore. So you can catch them on both shores. As for the other species, it looks like the Bluegills have slowed down a bit, but the Bass fishing for the pro's is still going strong. Let me tell you a couple of Bass story's that I saw happen right before my eyes. On Saturday I was waiting at the gate right for it to open. As soon as it opened, I was up near the lead heading up the West shore. When I got to the place where the water was just deep enough to fish. A Bass fishermen was already in position throwing his top water frog lure into the sticks. I said to my self, "he must have ran to that spot!" (I wasn't walking slow) As soon as I passed him, "I hear Holy crap" from a fishermen walking a few yards behind me. He just stuck a nice 4-5 lbs LMB top water fish! He earned that fish, because he was the first person to that spot! As I was leaving, I saw another decent LMB caught in the same spot. Another Bass fishermen I ran into, caught 2 nice ones and missed 4 other ones at the end of the road. I also saw another nice spinner bait Bass caught right next to me, when I was posting up for catfish. So some of the Bass guy's in the know are catching some nice fish.

    Because I'm there quite a bit, I'm getting a little friendly with some of the Staff that work there. So I'll pass on any rumors about the lake I hear from them. (remember their just rumors, so don't hold your breath on any of them!) The Board of Supervisor who was most responsible for Irvine Lake to be open to the public again, was Supervisor Wagner. He wants 2 things to happen in the future at Irvine Lake. One is to have the lake stocked with trout in the winter time and the second one, I really hope it comes true! Bring back boating to Irvine Lake!!!! That doesn't mean it's going to happen, but he sure wants it too happen. Let's all hope he can swing it!!!!!
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    Glad to hear of your approach and success in getting some DD Cats!! Also the intell on what Wagner wants. What a concept it would be to drop some capital expendables into Irvine lake from the county since it was given to them by the Irvine Co. I know that is a stretch in happening but it would add so much to the Vine. Maybe a ramp on the West Shore when the waters low in lieu of mud launch. That of course if the boats and boat launching comes back!!

    And hey all Yah Whoo's out there. If boats do come back, no more fishing in boat drunk or without life preservers!! We know the consequences now and do not need the lake closed for this reason AGAIN!!

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