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Hey all,

Several years ago, I moved to California, found this forum, learned alot about fishing in the area, and made several fishing friends. Thank you to everyone who has made this forum a great place.
I don't post as often, but rest assured I am still fishing in the area ... and, just finished making a light fly fishing video game that I wanted to share with you all. Here are the details:

River Legends: A Fly Fishing Adventure has just been released for Android and Pc (iOS coming soon).

It's a 2D, single-player, chill fly fishing game with swipe controls and pixel art environments to explore. Multiple freshwater species to catch and release, including wild trout and other cold water fish. Realistic water currents, dynamic weather effects, special bug hatches, and challenging fish AI.

If you enjoy fishing, like retro games and pixel art, or played old school fishing games (Trophy Bass, Super Black Bass, etc), then I think you will feel right at home with River Legends.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_GMzJGu19k
PC: https://bit.ly/2XX28ic (Free Demo available on Steam page)
Android: https://bit.ly/30n7KQi (Demo available http://www.tinyurl.com/yyhda4pv)
Website: https://www.riverlegendsgame.com

I hope you will consider checking out River Legends. It's the product of months of hard indie development work between myself and a programmer. I'm proud of the finished product and am excited to share it with you all - let me know what you think! And -- good luck landing the trophy River Legend!

Thanks to everyone who has helped me with fishing here in SoCal, especially those that introduced me to small stream trout fishing.